The Royal Traverse of Mont Blanc - 41 Epic Kilometres

An enourmous 3 day route to the summit of Europe, this is one of the most beautiful and sought after lines in the Alps.

Alpine Climbing, Hiking Difficult, Severe

Also in Haute-Savoie, France

Easy but spectacular scrambling en route to the Durier
Easy but spectacular scrambling en route to the Durier Photo: Matt Groom


For the fit, acclimatised mid-grade alpinist, this is truly as good as it gets. The route takes 3 days (for most climbers, although it can be done quicker by the truly fit) and as such it requires good conditions and a perfect weather forecast. The fact that so many stars must align for this route to be possible make climbing it all the more satisfying.

In total the route covers 41 kilometres of terrain and 5000 metres of height gain. None of the 41 kilometres is truly technical and none of the 5000 metres are super steep, but sections of the final day are breathtakingly exposed. As such, you don't need to be a high level climber to climb this line but you do need to be a very competent and confident crampon-er, able to move quickly, safely and efficiently over various types of snowy ground.

If everything comes together, this is an unforgettable trip culminating on the highest mountain in the Alps.

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