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Corno Nero summit madonna

The Classic Spaghetti Tour of Zermatt's 4000ers

One of the best mountain weeks it is possible to have, this is as good as mid-grade alpine climbing gets!

Alpine Climbing Easy, Moderate

Also in Vercelli, ItalyValais, Switzerland

Corno Nero summit madonna
Corno Nero summit madonna Photo: Jon Morgan


A glance at the Zermatt 4000ers on FATMAP shows that a series of them are laid out in a perfect loop, and this loop of summits has become a classic mountaineering week known as the "Spaghetti Tour". The trip takes in some legendary peaks, high and wild mountain huts, and truly epic views.

The entire trip is through high and serious glacial terrain so good weather and conditions are absolutely essential; wait for a solid high pressure before attempting it. If the stars align and you get the right weather, conditions and partner, this is an utterly spectacular week of mountaineering.

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