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Strahlhorn, a long way up the glacier

Saas Fee Classic 4000ers

7 low grade adventures on the beautiful 4000 metre peaks of the Saas valley.

Alpine Climbing, Hiking Easy, Moderate, Difficult

Strahlhorn, a long way up the glacier
Strahlhorn, a long way up the glacier Photo: Emma


Chamonix and Zermatt might have the most famous 4000ers but the Saas valley has the best selection of easy ones! The whole valley is lined on both sides with beautiful glaciated mountains that are ideal for the beginner or intermediate alpine climber to gain mileage on.

For more experienced climbers these peaks are still worth visiting for the views alone - the vistas from the summits listed here are amongst the finest in the Alps and will provide you with plenty of inspiration and a big ticklist regardless of what grade you climb!

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