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Sven hiking the Grand Balcon Nord

Let Chamonix Blow Your Mind with These Must-Do Hikes

Explore Chamonix—possibly the most breathtaking mountain destination in the world—on these hikes ranging from mild to wild.

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Also in Haute-Savoie, France

Sven hiking the Grand Balcon Nord
Sven hiking the Grand Balcon Nord Photo: Greg Heil


Chamonix is one of the most stunning mountain destinations on earth. The idyllic town center sits in the bottom of a narrow valley with mountains soaring straight up on all sides. The Mont Blanc massif forms one side of the Chamonix Valley, with the mountain slopes culminating in sheer rock cliffs covered in glaciers. Mont Blanc itself, visible from just about everywhere in the valley, rises to 4,809 meters above sea level—the highest peak in Western Europe.

The question isn’t, “are there good trails to hike in Chamonix?” Rather, the question you will find yourself asking is, “where do I even begin hiking in this enormous network of trails?!”

This guidebook will help you get started.

Take a look through the recommended routes that we’ve included here. These hiking trails run the gamut from mild, scenic walks to epic climbs straight up the mountainside. That’s one of the beautiful things about Chamonix: if you want to hike all the way from the valley floor to Lac Blanc, you can totally do that. But if you’d prefer to ride halfway up the Midi, walk across the gorgeous but much less challenging Grand Balcon Nord, you can do that instead. Or if all you want to do is walk down the stairs to access the Grotte de Glace… it’s completely up to you.

Whichever hike you choose, one thing is certain: you will undoubtedly fall in love with Chamonix!

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