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Mont Blanc Summit

Mont Blanc's Classic Routes

The 3 most popular routes to the roof of Western Europe

Alpine Climbing Easy, Moderate

Also in Haute-Savoie, France

Mont Blanc Summit
Mont Blanc Summit Photo: pandarek


The highest peak in the Alps and the place where mountaineering was "invented", Mont Blanc's summit is an understandably highly-coveted prize. There are countless long, wild routes to the summit of the mountain (and several exciting ski descents off it!) and these 3 are the easiest and most popular ways to the top.

All 3 routes require you to be fit, acclimatised and skilled in cramponing and glacier travel, but none involve any truly technical climbing. For the mid grade alpinist with some fitness and acclimatisation, these adventures represent 3 fantastic options for summiting the King of the Alps.

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