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Dôme de Rochefort

High, Long and Serious : Traverse 5 Tough Alpine 4000ers

The hardest traverses on the biggest and wildest peaks - this is about as serious as it gets in the Alps.

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Dôme de Rochefort
Dôme de Rochefort Photo: Masa Sakano


Climbing an alpine 4000er is always a serious business thanks to altitude, technical difficulty, glacial travel and changeable conditions. There are 82 4000ers and if you've only climbed 1 then you deserve a pat on the back but if you tick some or all of the routes in the guidebook then you deserve a round of applause! These are meaty routes by any standard.

Some of the routes in here require huge approaches before you even reach a glacier and others, such as the Grand Jorasses traverse, also involve a tough descent too. Suffice to say that in addition to climbing these routes, simply getting to and from them represents a major challenge.

If this all sounds a little bit beyond you then here's our suggestions for some slightly easier 4000er traversing options -


So if you've served your alpine apprenticeship and are ready to tackle some of the toughest challenges the Alps have to offer, here is your readymade ticklist!

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