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Dufourspize, final summit ridge

Huge Peaks & Epic Views : Easy Swiss Alpine Climbs

Begin your alpine climbing career with these 10 beautiful Swiss peaks, all of which are glaciated but technically straightforward.

Alpine Climbing, Hiking Easy, Moderate, Difficult

Also in Bern, Switzerland

Dufourspize, final summit ridge
Dufourspize, final summit ridge Photo: N1K081


Switzerland is home to more 4000 metre peaks than any other alpine country, and it's also got 408 mountains between 3000 and 4000 metres, making it the perfect country in which to learn the art of mountaineering.

In this guidebook you'll find a couple of 3000ers - the Wildstrubel (which is best done as a 2 day trip, as described here) and the Walcherhorn in the Bernese Oberland. If you tick those 2 off you'll be acclimatised, have some good experience in the bag and potentially be ready to tackle some 4000ers!

Once you start working your way through those mythical 4000 metre peaks, save the Monte Rosa and Mönch until last. The Monte Rosa is the highest peak of all those listed here, and the Mönch features the most exposed terrain of all of them, so it requires the most experience and skill. If you've worked your way safely through the other 8 peaks, both the Monte Rosa and Mönch represent logical challenges to push you a little further in your alpine climbing career. The journey to reaching those 2 peaks via the other 8 mountains described here is likely to be spectacular so enjoy every step and savour every summit!

The next big step once you've climbed these 10 peaks would be to do a big hut-to-hut alpine trip and for that, we've got just the guidebook!


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