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Peaks, Lakes & Forests: Hiking Bormio

From moonscape mountaintops to enchanting woodlands, Bormio’s hiking trails have it all.

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bormio 5


Bormio is the perfect gateway for mountain adventurers wanting to explore the Central Alps. The quaint medieval town is nestled in the sprawling Stelvio National Park, an enormous 134,620 hectares of thriving nature, with three quarters of the park sitting at over 2000 metres altitude. The park has a tonne of glaciated peaks and 3000ers, topped by the Ortler mountain at 3905 metres.

The valleys, coniferous forests, and alpine prairies host over 260 species of typical alpine fauna, including the magnificent bald eagle. But these mountain landscapes are also unique in that they serve as a kind of museum. Amongst the untamed nature, you will spot scars on the land from the First World War, including old military roads, trenches, and battlements.

Bormio is the perfect base for people wanting a varied hiking trip. Every hike you do in the area shows you a completely different side of Bormio’s diverse landscapes and nature. Head up the Bormio 3000 for epic big mountain vistas, or try the Pravasio – Uzza – Bormio trail for a peaceful forest walk close to town.

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