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The Best Enduro Rides in Garda Trentino

The perfect routes to enjoy the rocky enduro terrain of Lake Garda!

Mountain Biking Moderate, Severe, Extreme

Also in Trento, Italy

Photo: Tristan Hobson


Come enjoy the wonderful Italian weather in this amazing venue in the mountains of northern Italy! The reasons to come to Lake Garda during summer are many: enjoying the Italian cuisine and drinks on the lake, spending some quality time at the beaches with your family, or enjoying the endless outdoor activities this place has to offer. Garda Trentino is indeed not only famous for mountain biking, but it is one of the best places in Europe for practicing water sports such as sailing, windsurfing and kiting, thanks to the always present winds coming from the North in the morning and from South in the afternoon. In this area, you can also find amazing climbing spots in Arco - one of the most famous and popular spots in Italy! This place is the perfect holiday venue, and is easily accessible from almost every location in Central Europe!

But let’s get to mountain biking: many singletrack trails are available in this region, and in this guidebook, you will find the best enduro loops in the area! If you’re coming to Lake Garda for mountain biking only, then you probably know what kind of terrain you are about to experience. If you’re around for any other reason, and you’ve decided to spend a day mountain biking here, and you are looking for some trails, this guidebook will help you in making the best decision. If you are not familiar with the region, you can expect a menu of every kind of rock: loose rocks, rock gardens, rock slabs, and more. The flow here is not really an option - at least not as you might imagine it: when you hear locals talking about flow trails, well, just don’t believe them! The riding here always requires a reasonable level of competence. The terrain is the ultimate paradise for technical trail lovers and will put your suspension to the test!

If the climbs in this guidebook seem too tough to you - no worries! Many bike shops in town are renting E-bikes, which are the perfect fit for this area. If you still want to ride your bike downhill and make zero effort in the climb, then just take a shuttle: you can find shuttle companies in Torbole and Riva offering lifts to all the trails in this guidebook, and many more! In every one of the three towns in the “Bush Valley” there are different bike workshops where you could hand over your bike if it needs maintenance.

Choose wisely the best trail for your skills and needs, climb it up, and ride it back down all the way to the lake, where you can finally enjoy the Italian cuisine or grab an ice cream while chilling on the lakeside. Many good restaurants can be found in Torbole, Riva and Arco—just ask the locals which are the best ones!

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