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Alps over lake Zurich

The Zürichsee-Rundweg - An Epic Tour of Lake Zürich

Walk the entire circumference of Lake Zürich over 10 spectacular days.

Hiking Easy

Also in Schwyz, SwitzerlandZürich, Switzerland

Alps over lake Zurich
Alps over lake Zurich Photo: mightymightymatze


Covering 120 kilometres and 2800 metres of ascent/descent over the course of 10 days, this is a spectacular hike around one of Europe's most beautiful lakes.

The hiking is never difficult and is all on good, well established trails but the sheer length of the route means that you'll need a bit of hiking fitness and experience to deal with weather changes and the physical exertion of almost 2 week's hiking.

En route around the lake you will see wonderful views, historical castles, charming villages and some fabulous wineries and restaurants in one of Europe's most stunning areas. The days are all fairly short so take plenty of stops and soak in the wonders of Lake Zürich.

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