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Trail along the bluffs in Ocean Trails Reserve

Best Hikes for the Family in Los Angeles

Visitors and locals alike will love these family-friendly trails near the city.

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Trail along the bluffs in Ocean Trails Reserve
Trail along the bluffs in Ocean Trails Reserve Photo: Sergei Gussev, cropped from original


Los Angeles is known as many things, but a top hiking destination isn’t commonly what comes to mind. It should be, though, because the mountains and canyons surrounding LA hold many adventures, including trails, overlooks, and even waterfalls. Whether you’re visiting for the first time or have lived here your whole life, there’s undoubtedly some outdoor fun that you and your family haven’t yet discovered.

The options are more than you might imagine, but you can start with this list of family-friendly hikes in the greater LA area. They include celebrity-studded trails above Hollywood, hidden swimming holes in forested canyons, lofty summits in the San Gabriel Mountains, and ocean overlooks atop coastal bluffs. They range from very easy to somewhat difficult, so you can surely find the ideal adventure for your family.

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