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Best Hikes in Golden, Colorado

While "Denver" tries to claim to be a mountain town, most of "Denver's" best trails are actually found in Golden.

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While "Denver" might be renowned for its incredible outdoor access, the truth of the matter is that most of "Denver's" trails are actually located in and around the community of Golden. Golden is much more than just a Denver suburb—with distinct geographical features separating it from the metropolitan sprawl, Golden retains its own unique community feel with a distinct downtown area. It's also home to one of Colorado's oldest businesses—Coors Brewing Company—and one of the state's most venerable educational institutions—the Colorado School of Mines. Above and beyond these major institutions, Golden has also become one of the unofficial headquarters of the mountain bike industry in the USA.

Suffice it to say that Golden is a happening place, both in the city and on the trails. Unlike Denver, you can hike or bike directly from downtown Golden on an array of spectacular singletrack trails. And if you add in a few minutes of driving, the options open up dramatically.

This guidebook includes hikes that begin directly from the city of Golden, along with a couple of iconic hotspots just outside of town. Stand-out trails include Lookout Mountain, Apex, Mount Galbraith, and the networks of trails on North Table Mountain and South Table Mountain. While White Ranch is a bit out of town, the largest park in the JeffCo parks system also gets a shoutout.

This guidebook does not include the incredible trail systems just to the south in Morrison or all of the many hikes in nearby Golden Gate Canyon State Park. If you've already ticked off this list close to Golden, begin branching out by examining the dedicated guidebooks covering those adjacent areas. Golden is the gateway to a lifetime of adventure!

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