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4 Fun, Flowy Beginner Mountain Bike Trails in Fruita

Fruita’s easy, flowy singletrack trails make mountain bikers for life!

Mountain Biking Easy, Moderate

Photo: Greg Heil


If there's a recipe that's guaranteed to make a mountain biker for life, the first ingredient has to be fun, flowy, easy mountain bike trails to whet their appetite. Nothing will turn off a new rider as fast as being thrown into the deep end on steep, technical, "death-defying" trails filled with rocks and roots. And if there's one place in Colorado that's guaranteed to please the neophyte rider, it's Fruita.

The mountain biking in Fruita is anchored by the fast, flowy trails in the North Fruita Desert at the 18 Road Trail System. Overall this entire network is extremely beginner and intermediate focused, but two of the absolute easiest loops are the classic ride on Prime Cut and PBR, and the ultra-chill descent down Kessel Run.

While the Kokopelli Trails are much more technical overall, Rustler's Loop is a spectacular beginner ride with mellow trail features and obstacles that have been consciously designed to push beginners slightly outside of their comfort zone while also improving their confidence.

If you still haven't had enough, venture slightly beyond Fruita and head to the popular Lunch Loops Trail System outside of Grand Junction. While the trails here are renowned for being technical and challenging, you can still pedal a delightful beginner loop anchored by the Noreaster trail.

After a long weekend of riding the superb beginner trails in the Grand Valley, any newbie mountain biker will find themself hooked for life!

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