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Denver’s Favorite Front Range MTB Hotspot: Buffalo Creek

Buffalo Creek is one of the Colorado Front Range's go-to mountain biking trail systems, with loops and trails for every type of rider.

Mountain Biking Moderate, Difficult, Extreme

Little Scraggy Loop


Located a mere one-hour drive from downtown Denver, Buffalo Creek is the bonafide “get out of the city and go ride” location for the population of 2.9 million people living in the metro area. Add in the millions of other residents in nearby Colorado Springs and Boulder, and this trail system can get busy. Thankfully, this expansive network of trails offers numerous loops to spread riders out, and COMBA continues to expand the system through the construction of new trails.

Convenience and sheer mileage aren’t even the main reasons that Buffalo Creek is so popular. Instead, the incredibly high quality of the singletrack is the main attraction. Most riders on Colorado’s Front Range consider Buffalo Creek the go-to destination for flowy, swoopy, buffed-out singletrack, hence the nickname “Buff Creek.” This classic trail system has long been popular with cross country-style mountain bikers, but just about anybody that rides a bike will have a great time on the trails at Buffalo Creek. The stunning singletrack found here has earned Buffalo Creek the coveted IMBA Epic designation.

With the addition of trails like Blackjack and Little Scraggy, Buffalo Creek is no longer just a hardtail paradise. Riders on long-travel enduro rigs will find as much challenge as they can stomach on Blackjack’s intimidating rock rolls and drops.

Whatever type of mountain biking you enjoy, you’ll find a home in the Buffalo Creek Trail System!

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