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Greenough Park

Get a stress-free fix of nature on the edge of Missoula

Hiking Easy

2.5 km
21 m
21 m
0-1 hrs
Low Point
980 m
High Point
991 m
Greenough Park Map

With a designated parking lot (complete with a large picnic shelter and compost toilets), a series of smooth and well-maintained paths, and some bucolic spots from which savour the ambience, Greenough Park is an easy win for anyone with an hour to kill.


The park is actually close enough to Missoula city centre that you could easily walk there, but most people drive to the parking lot at the north-eastern end of the park. From there, follow the clear, smooth and easy trail which loops around the park, crossing Rattlesnake Creek in two places. The bridges over the river are well maintained and offer an excellent vantage point from which to observe the stream trickling beneath you.

The trail around the park is partially gravel and partially paved, but it's super smooth all the way and is a great option for hiking with kids. If your kids are just getting into biking it's also an excellent first "proper" ride as there is no height gain to speak of, and no obstacles.

Even those without kids should give Greenough Park a try, mainly because exploring it quickly whisks you from the bustle of city life into quiet forests. The creek slowly making its way through those forests only adds to the ambience of this charming little spot.

If you finish up exploring Greenough Park and have time and energy left over, checking out the North Hills Ridge area or the Missoula Riverfront Trail are excellent ways of extending your stroll.



Walking along a well-kept trail that’s mostly flat. No obstacles are present.

Low Exposure

1 out of 4

The path is on completely flat land and potential injury is limited to falling over.


1 out of 4

Close to help in case of emergency.

Best time to visit

between March and October


  • Wildlife
  • Picturesque
  • Dog friendly
  • Water features
  • Family friendly

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