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Looking across to the true summit from the fore-summit

Tough but Rewarding : Climb 3 Zillertal Giants

Hike and scramble to a trio of gorgeous summits which tower over the World-famous Zillertal.

Hiking Difficult, Severe, Extreme

Looking across to the true summit from the fore-summit
Looking across to the true summit from the fore-summit Photo: Charlie Boscoe


The Zillertal has something for every hiker, from easy strolls suitable for beginners through to big, high mountain adventures on glaciated peaks. The summits described in this guidebook sit closer to the latter category and will provide a challenge for any keen mountaineer.

For those not quite sure which category they fit into, why not warm up with this lot - /discover/guidebook/18749 - and see how your fitness is?

The peaks in this guidebook can be climbed as one-day hits but 2 of them (the Ahornspitze and Brandberger Kolm) are best done after spending a night in a mountain hut, so we've included the relevant hut approaches in here. On the Ahornspitze we've also included 2 potential routes to the summit, one slightly harder and significantly wilder than the other. It all adds up to there being 6 routes in here for "only" 3 summits but having the various options visible will enable you to decide which tactic is best for you on each peak.

There are higher peaks in the Zillertal than the Ahornspitze, Rotbachlspitze and Brandberger Kolm, but these 3 mountains represent the upper limit of what can be considered hiking. If you want the biggest challenges the Zillertal can offer without venturing onto a glacier, this is the guidebook for you. Check the weather forecast and then get cracking!

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