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Looking up at the Popbergschneide ridge from the col

The Zillertal's Ultimate Multi-Activity Challenge

Explore the finest of Zillertal's viewpoints on a road bike, a mountain bike and your feet!

Mountain Biking, Hiking, Road Biking Moderate, Difficult, Severe, Extreme

Looking up at the Popbergschneide ridge from the col
Looking up at the Popbergschneide ridge from the col Photo: Charlie Boscoe


So you're heading to Mayrhofen and have a week to fill your boots with as much mountain fun as you can - this is your guidebook. In order to complete the challenge of doing these routes you'll need to pack 2 bikes, hiking trainers and plenty of determination! A bit of luck with the weather won't go amiss either....

The routes listed here could logically be divided into 7 days, meaning that you've potentially got a week's worth of adventure in this guidebook. Your "easy" days are the hut approaches for the Edelhütte and the Kolmhaus (which are the bases for climbing the Ahornspitze and Brandberger Kolm respectively), but these are more than compensated by the toughest day - combining the Schleseisspeicher road bike with hiking up the Rotbachlspitze.

If you get a few days into this challenge and decide that either conditions or energy levels are not at the required level, here's a few suggestions for some gentler, shorter days /discover/guidebook/18749

If you've got even longer than a week, completing this 7 day challenge and then cooling down with those 3 shorter hikes would make for a wonderful 10 days - now you just need the weather to play ball!

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