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Brazeau River

Section E of Canada's Wild Great Divide Trail

An epic multi-day adventure along the spectacular Great Divide Trail. This section travels through 2 National Parks and is a truly wild and rugged adventure that will test even the most experienced backpackers.

Hiking Moderate, Difficult, Severe

Brazeau River
Brazeau River Photo: Nick Keenan


The Great Divide Trail (GDT) is one of the most spectacular through hikes in North America. It’s a wild & challenging adventure through some extremely remote terrain and is broken down into different sections. This guidebook covers section E, which goes from Saskatchewan River Crossing to Jasper.

This trail is extremely remote and should only be attempted by experienced backpackers who are confident hiking and navigating in remote areas. There are sections along this route with no defined trail. Even with the guidance of the FATMAP app, you will still need expert route-finding abilities to complete this trail.

With plenty of long days and thousands of meters of elevation to gain, this route will test even the most seasoned backpackers. But for those willing to overcome the challenges, this is one of the most beautiful trails in the Canadian Rockies. With stunning valleys and picturesque lakes, this trail is sure to leave a lasting impression.

The trail starts in Banff National Park near the legendary Icefields Parkway. Thousands of people visit this area every year to take in the magnificent beauty of the mountains here. But very few have the opportunity to explore this remote area on foot which is an entirely different experience.

This guidebook includes the traditional Maligne Pass Trail along with the alternate, the 6 Passes trail. The 6 Passes alternate is optional and isn’t the main route for the GDT, but the 6 passes trail is one of the most amazing trails in Jasper National Park and is much more scenic than the Maligne Pass trail. If you are considering hiking this route, I’d highly recommend taking the 6 Passes Alternate, assuming that the trail is open. It’s currently closed for the 2022 hiking season, so you will have to take the traditional Maligne Pass route if you plan to complete it in 2022.

Hiking any part of the GDT is always going to be a huge challenge, but it’s a truly rewarding experience that will leave you with lasting memories. There are many sections to the GDT, but this is certainly one of the most scenic sections and makes for an awesome section hike. So you don’t necessarily have to hike the entire 1123km of the GDT to explore some of beautiful terrain this trail has to offer.

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