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Enjoying some solitude at the northern end of the lake

The Classic Rides of Rose Valley

The finest mountain bike trails in West Kelowna's most scenic park!

Mountain Biking Difficult, Severe

Enjoying some solitude at the northern end of the lake
Enjoying some solitude at the northern end of the lake Photo: Charlie Boscoe


Lake Okanagan is pretty enough, but going riding in Rose Valley provides additional views across an even more beautiful stretch of water - Rose Valley Lake itself. The lake can't be seen from anywhere accessible by car so only those who have earned it get to see it, which makes it all the more appealing! The contrast between the peace and wilderness of the lake and the city just over the hill is jarring but wonderful every time you experience it, and by riding the routes in this guidebook you'll get to feel it half a dozen times whilst also enjoying some excellent trails.

Rose Valley park can be accessed from a variety of different parking lots so we've described rides from all of the commonly used start points. There are short hits in here like the Turkey Vulture Loop and RSVP and some big missions like the trips to Hayman Lake and McDougall Rim. In the middle of those 2 extremes you'll find great 2 hour rides like classic Lake Loop and the fast and furious trip down the Jabbarocky trail.

One thing to point out is that Rose Valley (particularly the eastern part of the park, which is nearer to Kelowna) is a maze of trails, so consider these routes are suggestions rather than fixed itineraries. Once you've got a basic understanding of the area you'll be able to pass many a happy hour exploring all the variations and detours from the main routes. And once you've done all of those, hit nearby Smith Creek (/discover/guidebook/87275) for more of the same!

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