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Le Grand Blanc

Fresh Freeriding Lines in the Grand Massif

Find fresh powder and plenty of thrills with this huge collection of exciting freeride adventures.

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Le Grand Blanc
Le Grand Blanc Photo: Antoine


The Grand Massif is located in the Haute- Savoie region, bang in the centre of the Alps. With 80% north-facing slopes and the almighty Mont Blanc as a backdrop, the snow conditions are usually excellent and the panoramas are always spectacular.

Encompassing 5 resorts, the Grand Massif is a ski area of epic proportions and offers incredible off-piste options, with wide-open powder fields, backcountry bowls and very long descents. With so much on offer, our collection of freeride lines for the Grand Massif is also big. If you want a fun bumpy ride and the chance of an audience, try Under Gron Chair. For great powder, moguls, and a steep couloir, go for Vernant Central. Sources https://www.grand-massif.com/en/your-destination/ski-area/our-ski-areas/ https://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/ski/resort-guides/france/flaine/

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