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Easy angle slopes

Sun, Snow and Solitude : Ski Tour the Aravis

10 ski tours in the peaceful Aravis range which don't require any use of lifts and quickly take you away from the crowds.

Ski Touring Moderate, Difficult

Easy angle slopes
Easy angle slopes


Nestled between some of the best known destinations in Europe - Chamonix, Annecy, Albertville and Geneva - lies a mountain range which is, despite the proximity of those famous towns, wild and largely untouched. The Aravis mountains are not (by the standards of nearby Massifs) particularly high - the highest mountain in the range (Pointe Percée) is just over 2700 metres - but they are dramatic, aesthetic and full of exceptional ski tours.

There are some ski resorts in the Aravis such as the famous freeride mecca of La Clusaz - /discover/guidebook/7432 - but most of the range can only be skied by human power. The 10 tours listed in this guidebook are all car to car trips and require expenditure of energy rather than money! All of the tours feature wild scenery, peaceful mountains and epic ski terrain of all shapes and sizes.

If, after 10 days of touring without any lift assistance, you're keen for a little bit of an easier few days, check out our guidebook to the touring around Les Contamines, to the south-east of the Aravis. There are some excellent car to car tours above Les Contamines but there are also some brilliant trips which start with a lift bump, and provide some easy wins when your legs aren't up to a big mission!


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