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Cruisy Ski Tours in Germany's Oberallgäu Alps

Scenic, low-stress ski tours on the border between Germany and Austria.

Ski Touring Easy, Moderate

Also in Tirol, Austria

Gaishorn ski-tour


With the Austrian Tirol just to the south and Germany's most famous mountain town - Garmisch-Partenkirchen - close at hand, the Oberallgäu Alps don't perhaps get the attention from skiers that they deserve. The mountains in the region are beautiful and look almost purpose-built for ski tourers, with forests and gentle slopes everywhere you look. What's more, they have reliable snow cover and are easily accessed from every direction.

The 5 tours described here are all pretty straightforward and will allow you to enjoy your surroundings without too much stress. The scenery in the Oberallgäu Alps is wonderful, and quite different to the higher, more jagged peaks found in the nearby Tirol or Zugspitze regions.

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