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Apuan Alps

For Sea & Mountains, Hike the Alta Via Dei Monti Liguri

A hiking odyssey from the Italian Riviera to the Ligurian Alps and Ligurian Apennines.

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Apuan Alps
Apuan Alps Photo: Björn Groß


The Alta Via Dei Monti Liguri is a magnificent long-distance high altitude adventure through the northwestern coastal region of Liguria, Italy. Barely dropping below 1000m altitude, the trail runs from Ventimiglia near the French border up along the arc formed by the Ligurian Alps and the Ligurian Apennines to Ceparana, next to Tuscany. The trail starts at the glistening Italian Riviera, passes through many regions of natural beauty including the Beigua and Aveto National Parks, and finishes at the jagged coastline of Cinque Terre. Hike from the sea to the peaks in high alpine terrain where the landscape is veiled in a mystic quality as the mountain mist meets with the clouds. Monte Saccarello, at 2201m, marks the highest point of the trail, but the route is at a high enough altitude throughout for hikers to enjoy fantastic views of the Ligurian Sea from start to finish (when the mist clears!). You will be taken on a winding journey through enchanting beechwood forests, down into wild, narrow valleys, along historical military roads by ancient fortifications, and into very remote, traditional Italian towns. Along the way, you'll experience Liguria’s thriving biodiversity—from pungent lavender bushes to tall shady oaks, ocellated lizards and soaring eagles in the day, and howling wolves at night. The full trail is around 440km long. It is broken into 44 different 10km sections. This guidebook divides the trail into 8 adventures, which group homogenous territorial areas—for example, the Alpi Liguri Mountain Range and the Val di Vara Valley. Follow the white/red signposts marked with “AV” from start to finish, or choose your favourite section, all of which are described in detail in this guidebook.

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