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Downhill MTB at Vail: One of Colorado’s Most Famous Resorts

As one of Colorado's most famous resorts, Vail—like every good Colorado ski resort—offers a bike park, too.

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Photo: Vail


In comparison to other more refined bike parks in Colorado, Vail’s downhill mountain bike park feels a little like an afterthought. While Vail has offered downhill biking for many years, their park hasn’t kept up with the times like other resorts in the state.

Nevertheless, that shouldn’t keep you from having a fun day railing DH here in Vail! Beginner and intermediate riders will enjoy a couple of berm-filled flow trails. Word of warning: sometimes the flow trails can feel a bit too flat.

Advanced riders can still track down Vail’s old school fall line downhill runs. These trails drop straight down the mountain through a cascade of rock gardens, drops, and roots. Occasional massive jump and drop features will crop up on the advanced trails, so be sure to scout the features before hitting them. Some of the features aren’t very intuitive.

It’s tough to beat a day in the Vail Bike Park in the fall when the aspens are turning! Vail’s downhill trails run through several of the largest aspen groves on the mountainside, with the fallen leaves forming a beautiful yellow brick road down the singletrack.

If you can look beyond the blown-out DH lines and too-flat flow trails, you can still have a great time ripping in the Vail Bike Park.

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