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Mid-Winter MTB: Best Colorado Trails for Finding Dry Dirt

Yearning to ride dry dirt in Colorado, even during the depths of winter? Try looking up the latest conditions for the trails in this guidebook!

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When most people think about Colorado in the winter, their minds instantly envision soaring snowcapped mountain peaks and endless ski slopes. But what local mountain bikers know that many other people don’t realize, is just how incredibly diverse the state of Colorado is! If you prefer to pedal singletrack instead of slide on snow, even in mid-winter you can usually find dry trails to ride in this mountainous state.

Many of the best trails accessible in a day trip from the Colorado Front Range are found in the Banana Belt of Colorado. Colorado’s Banana Belt runs from the town of Buena Vista down the Arkansas River Valley all the way to Pueblo. All the way along this belt, you’ll find singletrack that stays shockingly dry almost all winter long. Out of all these trails, the singletrack at Lake Pueblo State Park is arguably the most dependable mid-winter ride in the state! Here, I've included two route options: one for riders who want to get gnarly, and another for riders who want to log some training miles.

Add in a couple extra-sunny trails in Denver itself and a few classics in the Grand Valley, and if you can’t find a dry trail to ride… well, there’s always fat biking!

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