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Rider: Greg Heil

Trestle Bike Park: The Best Downhill MTB Park in Colorado

Explore the spectacular trails in Colorado's best downhill mountain bike park!

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Rider: Greg Heil
Rider: Greg Heil Photo: Matt Miller


Trestle Bike Park, located on the slopes of Winter Park Resort, is widely regarded as the best downhill mountain bike park in Colorado. Trestle boasts over 40 miles of downhill mountain bike trails and 70-some named trails (depending on how you count them), making it one of the most expansive bike parks in the USA. Its seemingly-endless network of high-quality trails located just over an hour from downtown Denver makes it one of the most trafficked bike parks on the continent. The superlatives never seem to end at Trestle, yet it deserves every one of them!

While Trestle offers a wide array of trail styles, it's best known for its jump lines. Almost every mountain biker loves catching air to some degree, and Trestle is the perfect place to do it: they offer freeride trails ranging from easy to expert-only. One of their intermediate flow trails—Paper Boy—is the most popular trail on the mountain, while Rainmaker—a black diamond jump line—is probably the most famous. But Trestle offers even more difficult jumps, such as the double black diamond 36th Chamber line and the Banana Peel Pro Line (which you need a special pass to access).

While anybody can scratch a trail into the ground, the caliber of the trails at Trestle Bike Park is second to none—thanks in part to their ongoing partnership with the best bike park trail building company in the world: Gravity Logic.

Whistler Bike Park's trail building arm, Gravity Logic, is now famous worldwide for building the best bike park trails anywhere. They've now built trails all around the globe... and Trestle Bike Park was their first project ever. In fact, the collaboration with Winter Park inspired Whistler to launch the now world-famous company.

Even though the flow trails are Trestle's most famous runs, the densely forested mountain slopes hide a few down-and-dirty tech lines filled with all manner of rock gardens, drops, boulders, and steep chutes. Trestle DH is currently the premier tech trail in the bike park, and other segments can be added to it for variety. A new top-to-bottom tech trail is planned to be built beginning in 2024, but it will take at least two years to complete.

Beyond the trails, there's so much more to the resort amenities surrounding Trestle. You'll find one of the largest and most professional bike schools in the nation that's equipped to both teach beginners and help mountain bikers who've been riding for years level up their skills. Trestle also offers the largest mountain bike rental fleet in Colorado, filled with a wide range of mountain bikes to try out. You can also rent all the other gear you might need for a day of downhilling, allowing you to get kitted in protective gear from head-to-toe.

Whether you want to try out downhill mountain biking for the first time or you're an experienced rider flying from overseas to sample the best downhill trails in the fabled Colorado Rockies, one thing's for sure: you won't leave disappointed!

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