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Mary's Loop. Rider: Greg Heil

Your Guide to Mountain Biking Loma's Kokopelli Loops

Discover the best ride combinations and loop options in this comprehensive guidebook for the Kokopelli Loops.

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Mary's Loop. Rider: Greg Heil
Mary's Loop. Rider: Greg Heil Photo: Marcel Slootheer


While Fruita’s 18 Road Trails receive most of the fame and acclaim from mountain bike tourists and journalists alike, after a couple of rides on the fast, flowy ridges of the North Fruita Desert, the appeal tends to wear off. Once that box has been checked, most mountain bikers then turn their tires toward the Kokopelli Loops, just to the west of Fruita.

Where 18 Road can sometimes feel like a one-trick pony, the diversity of the Kokopelli Loops is truly impressive. Here, you’ll find everything from iconic rock rim traverses high above the stunning Colorado River to brutally-technical enduro descents on trails like Moore Fun. Rustler’s Loop provides the perfect ride for absolute beginners, while advanced riders can explore everything from the iconic Horsethief Bench to the new-school Hawkeye Trail.

With so many options, it can be difficult to know where to begin. In this guidebook, I’ve laid out the best ride combinations and loop options found in the Kokopelli Loops area. Endurance riders might find most of these route recommendations a bit too granular, so for a true all-day ride, I’ve created a route called “Tour de Kokopelli Loops” that links together many of the best trails into one massive loop! But if you want even more mileage, you can do a bit more doubling back and repeating trails to ensure you hit every single stretch of singletrack.

However you prefer to mountain bike and however you choose to slice and dice this trail system, the Kokopelli Loops are guaranteed to leave you with a smile on your face at the end of the day!

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