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Mrazek Trail. Rider: Jeremiah Stone

3 Great MTB Loop Rides Longer than 30 Miles in Bend, OR

Stretch your legs on these 3 long loop rides in Bend, Oregon.

Mountain Biking Moderate, Difficult, Severe

Mrazek Trail. Rider: Jeremiah Stone
Mrazek Trail. Rider: Jeremiah Stone Photo: Greg Heil


The trail system extending into the mountains west of Bend, Oregon provides fertile soil for crafting all manner of long-distance mountain bike rides. The terrain here is relatively mellow—while you can easily climb over 5,000 feet in a ride, the grades are all manageable and quite pedalable. The fast-rolling singletrack itself is smooth and sandy, forming classic cross country trails. Of course, the trails are punctuated by the occasional rock garden and root web, but hey, it is mountain biking after all.

With well over 300 miles of bike-legal singletrack in this extensive trail system, it can be tough to know where to start. In this guidebook, you’ll find three long-distance mountain bike rides beginning at the Phil’s Trailhead and measuring over 30 miles in length. Read through the description for each loop, and cherry-pick the one that sounds the most enticing.

Is 30-40 miles of pedaling just not quite enough of a challenge for you? Then consider taking on the High Cascades 100, Bend’s local ultra-distance race that covers 100 miles of trail with zero lap riding.

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