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O'Leary Mountain

Ride All 5 of Oregon’s IMBA Epics, Both Past and Present

A sampler of Oregon's top trails.

Mountain Biking Difficult, Severe

O'Leary Mountain
O'Leary Mountain Photo: Greg Heil


For years, IMBA’s list of “Epic” rides has inspired mountain bikers from around the world to pack their bags and travel to a far-flung locale to pedal a long, gnarly, challenging backcountry trail that was almost guaranteed to change your life. IMBA describes their epics as "immersive rides that are technically and physically challenging, beautiful to behold and worthy of celebration.” These trails are so worthy of celebration that many mountain bikers have set a lifelong goal of completing all of the rides on IMBA’s list of Epics.

That goal could prove challenging, as the list continues to change over time. New trails are added almost every year due to the crowd-sourced nomination process, and occasionally old trails are removed. But the trails that remain are always worthy of exploration!

While many states—or even countries—can only claim to have a single Epic Ride, Oregon is home to an impressive five Epic rides. Technically, this list of five epics includes a trail or two that has been removed from the Epic list… but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still check them out! In this guidebook, we’ve rounded up all five Epics—both past and present—to form the perfect itinerary for your next Oregon getaway!

Source: IMBA.com

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