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O'Leary Mountain

5 World-Class MTB Day Trips from Eugene, OR

Eugene might not have much in-town mountain biking, but it's within easy striking distance of several world-class trails.

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O'Leary Mountain
O'Leary Mountain Photo: Greg Heil


The city of Eugene is virtually tied with nearby Salem for the rank of second-largest city in Oregon. While Eugene brushes up against the foothills of the Cascades, in reality, there’s very little bike-legal singletrack to ride close to the city (sound familiar, Portland?). However, within a few minutes you can be driving through deep forests with mountain peaks soaring overhead. So even though there isn't much riding in Eugene itself, this proximity to the mountains means you can access a wide array of world-class mountain bike trails in a mere day trip from the city, returning to your home at night. In this guidebook, you’ll find five world-class mountain bike trails that are accessible within day-trip distance from Eugene.

The McKenzie River Trail starts this list off strong with a household name. As one of the most famous trails in Oregon, this gorgeous riverside trail provides chunky singletrack and stunning views of thundering waterfalls.

Just across the road, nearby O’Leary Mountain is the definition of an epic enduro trail, with tough climbs, stunning views, and high-speed ripping descents. As an added bonus, the difficulty of this trail keeps the crowds away that descend on McKenzie River.

A little to the south and just a few minutes outside of Eugene, you’ll find the Silver-Level IMBA Ride Center of Oakridge. Oakridge is home to hundreds of miles of epic trails, but two of the best include the Alpine Trail shuttle and the cross country loop around Waldo Lake.

Finally, with 70 miles of continuous singletrack, the gnarly, beautiful, and remote North Umpqua River Trail makes a serious bid as the most epic mountain bike trail in the state of Oregon.

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