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4 Rad, Little-Ridden MTB Trails in Klamath Falls, OR

There's plenty of singletrack to go around in Klamath Falls.

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Rye Spur Figure-8 Loop
Photo: Greg Heil


Very few mountain bikers consider Klamath Falls a destination worth visiting... but that's their loss, and now hopefully your gain. This small unassuming town in south-central Oregon provides access to a slew of superb singletrack rides! You'll find four of the very best in this guidebook.

While  Moore Mountain is arguably the least-worthy of the rides included in this guidebook, the accessibility of this trail system can't be beat. Rideable directly from downtown Klamath without getting in your car, mountain bikers can create complex rides of various lengths in this tightly-wound trail system. While there are tons of trails to choose from, the route mapped here attempts to cover the greatest hits without doing any backtracking.

Moving west from Moore Mountain, you'll begin to climb into the taller mountains, but you'll soon come upon the Spence Mountain Trail System. Spence is arguably one of the very best rides in Southern Oregon, with a gnarly bike-specific double black diamond descent hidden on the steep-sided slopes of this small mountain. Other trails offer bermy, flow-filled descents, and rumor has it that a new jump line will be constructed here in 2021.

Heading even further west, you'll soon find yourself deep in the national forest at the foot of Mount McLoughlin. Here, you'll uncover at least two incredible backcountry mountain bike rides: the Brown Mountain Loop and the Rye Spur Figure-8. While these trails don't get a ton of traffic, the backcountry style of mountain biking is sure to appeal to a hardy subset of mountain bikers that value self reliance and a wilderness experience. And the views in this area are to die for!

Intrepid mountain bikers will undoubtedly discover many other rides in the region, both close to Klamath Falls and hidden deeper in the national forest. But even though the top four rides shared in this guidebook are the best and most popular, they only receive a fraction of the traffic that afflicts the most famous trail systems in Oregon. In Klamath Falls, there's plenty of singletrack for everyone!

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