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The Saddle


Picturesque open valley that is well worth the hike

Freeride Skiing Moderate

1.3 km
0 m
332 m
Low Point
3.4 km
High Point
3.8 km
The Saddle Map

The Saddle is a 30-45 minute hike from the top of the pass road using the bootpack that starts at the marker sign. At the top of this zone there are amazing views of Arapahoe Basin, Keystone, and Breckenridge ski areas. There are numerous spots to drop in from, none very intimidating, but the faces leading into the two main gullies are steep enough to put up some rooster tails. The line to your right enters into a natural halfpipe, while the left zone flattens out into a stream bed. The elevated feature in between these two main fall lines is dubbed the "Ironing Board" and is often where locals will erect a jump or two. The second half of the run enters tree line with the steeper and longer lines to the right. Be on the lookout for many log features, as well as a hearty old shack near the bottom before the road.



Slopes become slightly steeper at around 25-30 degrees.

Low Exposure (E1)

1 out of 4

Exposure is limited to that of the slope itself. Getting hurt is still likely if the slope is steep and/or the snow is hard.


3 out of 4

Little chance of being seen or helped in case of an accident.

Best time to visit

between December and May


  • Trees
  • Walk Required

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