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Strachan Summit, looking towards Bowen

3 Terrific, Tough Hikes in North Vancouver

A trio of epic challenges, all within easy reach of downtown Van.

Hiking Difficult, Severe

Strachan Summit, looking towards Bowen
Strachan Summit, looking towards Bowen Photo: Tam McTavish


When wandering around Vancouver city centre and harbour, it's impossible to miss the mountains which tower to the north, high above Howe Sound. There are plenty of easy strolls in the hills north of Vancouver (check out our guidebook to them here - /discover/guidebook/92822) but in this guidebook you'll find a series of much tougher challenges.

Mount Harvey's Southwest ridge is the furthest north of the routes, and involves a physically hard, steep climb followed by an easy and breathtakingly scenic scramble. The route is even possible in winter for those with avalanche training, snow shoes, ice axes and a sense of adventure!

Not far to the south of Mount Harvey lies Hollyburn Mountain, home in turn to our route "Hollyburn-Strachan Loop". Sometimes done as a trail run (but more commonly as a hike) the route is an adventure regardless of how quickly you travel. There's some scrambling involved, and the route findings isn't always obvious - this is a real challenge despite its remarkable proximity to the largest city in western Canada.

The final route in here - the trip up Mount Seymour - is similar in that the scrambling is pretty easy, provided your route finding skills are good enough to always locate the line of least resistance!

Tick these 3 off and you'll be ready for the many tougher challenges which lie deeper into British Columbia!

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