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Look out over Showh Lake

Rainy Day Hikes Near Whistler

A collection of shoulder season and rainy-day hiking options in the Whistler area.

Hiking Easy, Moderate, Difficult

Look out over Showh Lake
Look out over Showh Lake Photo: Harriet Parnis


Whistler is known for its epic mountain peaks, which include meadows of wildflowers and alpine lakes. However, Whistler is also located in a temperate rainforest, so there are a lot of rainy days, too. It's these days (or in the shoulder season when the snowline is still low) where this collection of hikes comes in to inspire you.

From the modern graffiti artwork on the trainwreck to 1000-year-old cedar trees, there's a variety of short and medium hiking options which mostly take cover under the thick forest canopy. Lost Lake and Logger's Lake are both great options to take a dip in, too (and two of the warmest lakes in the area!).

Watch your feet on the wet roots and woodwork, though, and do some research on snow elevation levels before you head off.

Train-wreck, Crater Rim Trail and Lost Lake can all be accessed via Whistler's local transit system. Brandywine Falls can be reached by any car. For Ancient Cedars, a medium-high clearance vehicle is needed.

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