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Lene Bergersen in the Banana ready to point her skis out

10 of Lyngen's Finest Couloirs

Splitter couloirs in Northern Norway's ski paradise!

Ski Touring Difficult, Severe, Extreme

Lene Bergersen in the Banana ready to point her skis out
Lene Bergersen in the Banana ready to point her skis out Photo: Johanna Stalnacke


Ask a keen ski mountaineer to design their ideal touring destination and it would probably look a lot like Lyngen - jagged peaks split by couloirs and bowls, set high above the dark blue sea, and with enough space for everyone to enjoy some solitude. The whole Troms region - of which Lyngen is a part - is packed with World class touring terrain, and a pilgrimage to the area is on the bucket list of most skiers.

Whether it's the island of Kvaløya (/discover/guidebook/9348), the smaller islands off Norway's north coast (/discover/guidebook/216) or the classic tours to the local summits (/discover/guidebook/3157), the whole area is packed with epic ski tours. But perhaps most epic aspect of all the terrain is that it's all split by perfect, unbroken couloirs...

This guidebook showcases 10 of Lyngen's very best couloirs, with all but 3 of them being FATMAP grade Severe or Extreme. As such, this is a list for the hardcore skier rather than those out for a cruisy day. A few of the descents (namely Store Russetinden East face and Normal route, Øksehøgget Couloir & Sofiarenna couloir) are truly extreme, and reserved only for top level operators. It's also worth mentioning for the sake of accuracy that 1 of the lines in this guidebook (Øksehøgget Couloir) actually sits in the Tamok Valley rather than the Lyngen area, but it's only a short drive away from the other routes in here and is such a good line that a geographical detail isn't reason enough to exclude it!

Given that some of these lines were only descended for the first time just over a decade ago, this is a pretty cutting edge list. Tick some of them and you'll have a great trip, tick them all and you'll be a Lyngen legend!

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