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Top ridge with cornice

Norway's Coolest Island : Ski Tour Senja

A collection of the best ski tours on a legendary island off Norway's north-west coast.

Ski Touring Moderate, Difficult, Severe

Top ridge with cornice
Top ridge with cornice Photo: Johanna Stålnacke


The second largest of Norway's 50,000 islands - and surely the one with the most high quality mountain terrain - Senja has been developing a reputation as a must-go destination for ski tourers, climbers and hikers. The western part of the island is jagged and mountainous, the eastern part more mellow and bucolic, and it all makes for a unique and enchanting ambience.

In this guidebook we've listed routes on the mountainous western part of the island, and the majority of the tours are not super steep, making them ideal for advanced intermediate skiers who want epic skiing without any seriously scary terrain. The toughest line in here is Luttinden couloir, which - even by Norwegian standards - is a truly gorgeous line.

Elsewhere in here you'll find peaks which have plenty of options for exploration - the majority of lines we've drawn on Senja are merely suggestions for how to climb and ski the various mountains. Store Hesten, Roalden and Burstind are good examples of Senja peaks which can be put to use in many different ways - treat our lines as Plan A and then improvise as conditions and psyche dictate!

The routes in here were written by local expert and IFMGA guide Johanna Stålnacke so you can be confident that you're getting the best lines on Norway's best ski island! If you're lucky enough to tick them all off and still have plenty of time to spare, check out our guidebook to some of northern Norway's other ski touring delights -


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