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Skiing down the West shoulder.

Explore Kågtinden : Norway's Finest Ski Mountain...?

It's high praise but Kågtinden might just be the best ski mountaineering peak in the whole of Norway - here are the 5 classic lines on it.

Ski Touring Difficult, Severe

Skiing down the West shoulder.
Skiing down the West shoulder. Photo: Peter Schön


FATMAP's man in the north of Norway - Peter Schön - knows a thing or 2 about good skiing and he reckons Kågtinden might - just might - be the Country's greatest ski mountain. It's a big call (and it's likely to provoke plenty of debate) in a nation with such a staggering amount of good ski terrain, but when you check out these 5 routes you'll see that it's not as out-there as it might sound.

The 5 routes here are varied and exciting - Kågtinden in a nuthsell. 4 of the routes are day tours to Kågtinden itself and the 5th is the truly extraordinary Kågen traverse - a trip right across Kågen island itself. Every route will offer the epic views for which the north coast of Norway is famous, and immaculate ski terrain.

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