The Ultimate Tromsø Ski Week

7 fantastic ski tours around the capital of northern Norway.

Ski Touring Moderate, Difficult, Severe

Skinning up the middle section of the route
Skinning up the middle section of the route Photo: Charlie Boscoe


With the famous Lyngen Peninsula close by, the island of Kvaløya just minutes away and lesser known but equally beautiful peaks towering over the town, Tromsø is a ski touring heaven.

There is literally a lifetime's worth of exploration to be done on skis around the city so consider this list a good starting point rather than anything even close to a definitive list of recommendations. None of the routes here are desperately hard but there is something for everyone in this guidebook, from very cruisy days through to long, tough missions.

The ideal time to be in Tromsø is in April and May so when the season is done in the Alps, head north!

Routes included

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