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January sunrise on Arnøyhøgda (1170m)

Northern Norway's 5 Best Island Ski Tours

A handful of utterly classic ski tours in the wild Skjervoy region

Ski Touring Moderate, Difficult, Severe

January sunrise on Arnøyhøgda (1170m)
January sunrise on Arnøyhøgda (1170m) Photo: Peter Schön (copyright)


With all the (well deserved) hype around Lyngen, it's easy to ignore the fantastic ski touring to be had in the Skjervoy region. The area is made up of numerous islands, each of which is accessed via a bridge, a ferry or a tunnel. The engineering required to create this infrastructure is pretty impressive, but the scenery is even better.

The whole region feels as if it's on the edge of the Earth and is wonderfully quiet. If you complete this list of tours you will have sampled what the area has to offer and are likely to want to sample plenty more!

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