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On the lower section of the route

20 Steps to Heaven: Ski Tour Norway's Frozen North

Home to perhaps the finest collection of ski touring peaks in the World, here's the best of what northern Norway has to offer.

Freeride Skiing, Ski Touring Moderate, Difficult, Severe, Extreme

Also in Nordland, Norway

On the lower section of the route
On the lower section of the route Photo: Peter Schön (copyright). Skier: Konrad Ehelebe


Give a ski tourer a rental car plus a commitment-free month and most would choose to go to northern Norway. The reasons? Truly epic scenery, perfect ski terrain of all shapes and sizes and reliable, cold snow. It's a dream combination and in this guidebook you'll find 20 adventures which, when linked together, will provide you with a logical route through this legendary area. The ideal way to do the trip would be to start with the southernmost routes in mid to late March and then work your way north over the following weeks.

You'll start out with some of the finest backcountry ski tours around Narvik (including a couple of lift-assisted routes), and head north-west onto the mythical Lofoten Islands and then continue further north to the legendary peaks of Lyngen and some of the unique islands of the Norwegian north coast such as Kvaløya, Kagen and Arnøya. As if all that doesn't sound like enough, we've also included the Oksehugget Couloir - the best steep couloir in the high and wild Tamokdalen range - and a fun ski tour from the E6 highway between Narvik and Tromsø.

So, that's your roadtrip route sorted, now you just need a month off work!

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