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Ski touring up on the east ridge.

5 Mind-Blowing Ski Tours in the Legendary Tamok Valley

A handful of epic tours in one of Norway's finest - and most serious - ski touring venues!

Ski Touring Moderate, Difficult, Severe, Extreme

Ski touring up on the east ridge.
Ski touring up on the east ridge. Photo: Aadne Olsrud


With Lyngen, Senja and Lofoten, not to mention the islands of Norway's north coast (/discover/guidebook/216) all vying for attention, the Tamok Valley remains somewhat under the radar of many ski mountaineers heading for the frozen north. That's probably not a bad thing in some ways because the skiing in the Tamok region is mainly steep, serious and potentially dangerous, but for those with the skills, experience and patience to wait for and judge conditions, the valley is simply incredible.

In this collection of routes you'll find merely a small sample of Tamok has to offer but it's an accurate sample, representing the scope and diversity of ski touring which the valley is home to. There's a serious and steep couloir, 3 pretty meaty freeride-y tours, and finally a mellow trip onto one of Tamok's easier summits.

Unlike many of the popular ski touring areas in Norway, the Tamok valley is inland so it has a much more alpine feel than areas like Lofoten, where the sea is often visible throughout a tour. As such, a trip to Tamok combined with a trip to Lyngen (/discover/guidebook/3158) or Tromsø (/discover/guidebook/3157) really does offer some of the finest and most varied ski terrain in the World.

There's always been many reasons to book a ski trip to Norway and now you know about the Tamok valley, there is yet another!

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