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Rider: Christine Henry

The 5 Flowiest Beginner MTB Trails in Summit County

Skip the gnar and find the flow with these 5 beginner trails in Summit County.

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Rider: Christine Henry
Rider: Christine Henry Photo: Greg Heil


The trail system in Summit County is so intricate and tightly-wound that if you just pull out a map and start looking at it, it can be difficult to ascertain how the trails work together to create logical loops and routes. If you’re trying to find a route of a specific difficulty, the chore gets even more difficult. A beginner trail may lead to an advanced black-diamond descent… and what if you don’t want to risk life and limb?! If you’re trying to find a beginner-friendly route through the maze of singletrack in Summit County, look no further than the 5 trails in this guidebook.

The first three trail recommendations are all classic XC loops that follow smooth, flowy singletrack trails. You can’t go wrong with any of these options—choose the one that’s closest to you, and go from there!

The final two recommendations are both lift-served runs at Keystone and Breckenridge, respectively. If you’re tired of pedaling up hills and you simply want to coast down a smooth, flowy singletrack trail over and over again, buy a ticket at either Keystone or Breckenridge and hit up these delightful downhill trails!

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