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Rider: Greg Heil

The 5 Most Technical MTB Trails in the Arkansas Valley

If it was easy, it'd be called "sitting on the couch eating potato chips" not "mountain biking."

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Rider: Greg Heil
Rider: Greg Heil Photo: Marcel Slootheer


Colorado’s Arkansas Valley has acquired a reputation as a true enduro mountain biking paradise. While classic big mountain epics, such as the Monarch Crest, have long attracted riders with an affinity for lengthy, technical downhills, the profile of the valley for technical mountain biking has only grown in recent years.

The increase in the popularity of enduro mountain biking in the Ark Valley is partially due to local enduro races, like the Monarch Crest Enduro and the Salida Mountain Funduro, held by Chocolate Bunny Productions. But more than mere events, the local trails have transformed rapidly over the past five years.

Two of the top enduro trails—Vitamin B and Gutz—were locals-only routes for the longest time, but they’ve both been legalized in the last two years. In addition to old social trails joining the sanctioned trail system, a bevy of brand-new technical trails have been built in the last two years. From Unchained and Camp Elevation in Buena Vista to Hooligan and El Duderino in Salida, the opportunities for technical mountain biking in the Arkansas Valley have never been better!

In this guidebook, you’ll find the top 5 tech trails that the Arkansas Valley has to offer. Go forth and shred the gnar!

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