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Sun Valley, Idaho: Cross Country MTB Paradise!

Explore hundreds of miles of flowy cross country trails in Sun Valley, Idaho.

Mountain Biking Easy, Moderate, Difficult

Galena Grinder
Photo: Jen Charrette


While many mountain bike destinations double down on gnarly trails that threaten life and limb, Sun Valley is the polar opposite. If you point your tires toward Sun Valley's massive web of singletrack, you'll find hundreds upon hundreds of miles of buff, flowy cross country singletrack trails spreading throughout these Central Idaho mountains.

Sun Valley is one of the top mountain destinations in the country, yet somehow it manages to fly under the mountain biking radar. When you come to town in the summer, you'll share the streets with thousands of wealthy tourists, but when you head out of town and hit the trails, you may have the entire place to yourself!

If you pull out a paper map and look at all of the trails connecting over the various ridgelines and surrounding every single mountain, trying to figure out exactly which trails to ride and how to combine them into logical loops and shuttles quickly becomes a daunting task. To make that task easier, we've compiled this guidebook with a selection of the locals' favorite rides. The rides included here offer a variety of lengths and technical difficulties so anyone can find a ride they'll enjoy!

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