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Learn to Mountain Bike on Bend's World-Class Singletrack

The best trails for beginners in Bend, Oregon.

Mountain Biking Easy


The Phil’s Trail Network in Bend, Oregon, may just be one of the best trail systems in the nation for beginner mountain bikers. The vast majority of the trails are smooth and sandy, with mellow grades on both the climbs and descents. While a few of the trails do negotiate rock obstacles, the more technical trails can easily be avoided, and even the most difficult obstacles in the trail tread usually have alternate lines bypassing them.

There’s nothing like smooth, flowy singletrack to both boost a new rider’s confidence and get them hooked on the sport. While it’s relatively easy to find a non-technical place to ride a bike on dirt, finding a highly-entertaining singletrack trail that both beginners and experts can enjoy is quite rare. On this front, Phil’s delivers.

In this guidebook, you’ll find three recommended beginner rides, but the non-technical ride options are virtually endless. To get you started, consider the Marvin’s -> KGB -> Phil’s loop for a delightful 5-mile jaunt. If you’re looking for a little more distance, try the Kent’s -> Phil’s Loop instead. Finally, do you prefer to include some beautiful views on your ride? Try this lollipop route on the Deschutes River Trail instead.

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