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Rainier in Winter

Dreamy Day Tours near Rainier

Get warmed up for Rainier or just enjoy some fabulous ski days in wonderful Washington scenery.

Ski Touring Moderate, Difficult

Rainier in Winter
Rainier in Winter Photo: Rileysmithphotography.com


Mount Rainier is one of America's greatest landmarks, and climbing it on either foot or skis is a landmark achievement for any mountaineer. We've got a guidebook covering the various ski routes to the summit of Rainier - /discover/guidebook/166780 - but in this guidebook we'll suggest some shorter itineraries which will give you a taste of this wild area without taking you all the way to the roof of Washington.

We've got routes on both the north and south side of Rainier in this guidebook, so whether you're approaching from the Sunrise or Longmire routes there will something to go at. The routes in here were written by Kyle Miller, a true expert on all things skiing and Cascades, so you're in good hands if you choose a route recommended by Kyle. He's definitely done some type-2 fun routes in Washington, but none of them are listed in this guidebook!

Most of the routes covered here are fairly long, and the 2 lines listed on the north side of Rainier are BIG days out, but none of the adventures here are overly technical so the trips should be doable for upper intermediate skiers with good fitness levels. Regardless of the relative technical ease, these are wild trips in a remote part of the Pacific North West - treat them with respect and save them for when conditions are right. Safety considerations aside, saving these tours for blue sky days also gives you the best views of Rainier itself, giving you the opportunity to plan even bigger adventures in the spring months to come!

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