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Snowboarding down the West Gully

Ski Tour Washington's Enchantment Range

One of the most mythical mountain ranges in the Pacific Northwest is an exceptional ski touring destination

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Snowboarding down the West Gully
Snowboarding down the West Gully Photo: Kyle Miller


In the heart of the Cascade Mountains of Washington state, the Enchantment Range is a stunning and rugged alpine wilderness known for its breathtaking beauty and challenging terrain. The mountain range has a dramatic name, and it more than lives up to it!

In summer, the Enchantments are amongst North America's finest hiking zones, with the traverse across them being a truly legendary trip. In winter, the Enchantments transform into a snow-covered wonderland, with their remote location and rugged terrain making them suitable only for adventurous and skilled ski mountaineers.

In winter, the Enchantment Range is stunningly beautiful, with snow-capped peaks, frozen lakes, and icy waterfalls coming together to create a unique ambience. The sunrises and sunsets in the Enchantments are, even by alpine standards, unique, and if you do the tours described in here, you'll need an early enough start that you see the sun come up. The goal is to be down early enough that you don't watch it set as well!

Five ski tours are described here, and they're all big adventures! All of them are graded "Difficult" on the FATMAP scale, but a one word description of the challenges they entail isn't sufficient to understand their complexity, so take a deep dive into the detailed information which local ski mountaineer Kyle Miller provided when writing them. Kyle hasn't explored much of Washington, and he knows the state better than virtually anyone else out there. If he writes a route, you know it's a classic, and you'll have all the information you need to ski it.

Now you just need to wait for the famously erratic Washington weather to do you a favor!

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