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Ski Tour Mount Rainier - The Queen of the Cascades

The ultimate ski touring guidebook to the lower 48's most topographically prominent mountain!

Ski Touring Moderate, Difficult, Severe

Fuhrer Finger Ski Descent to Nisqually Bridge


Mount Rainier - the highest peak in the Cascades and Washington State - has long been a popular objective for PNW mountaineers, and it's also a fabulous ski touring destination as well. We got 2 local experts - Eric Carter and Kyle Miller - to write up their favourite Rainier adventures and this guidebook is a result of their work/psyche!

In here you'll find the absolute classic ski routes which have made Rainier the stuff of legend, such as the Fuhrer Finger and Gib Chute. In addition we've got the classic of classics - Liberty Ridge to the Emmons Glacier. This combines a long and exposed climb with an equally long and stunning descent - getting both in good condition is a challenge, let alone actually doing them! If you tick that one you really do have a big addition to your resume, but getting up Rainier and skiing off it by any route is a significant achievement.

Before tackling Rainier it's worth doing a few warmup routes to acclimate and figure out the conditions, and in this guidebook we've got some suitable objectives before you tackle the big kahuna. Routes like Paradise Glacier, the Muir Snowfield and Van Trump Park are all exceptional objectives in their own right, and also give you the opportunity to test fitness, acclimatisation and conditions without committing to a trip up Rainier.

Washington's weather is nothing short of legendary (Seattle is known as "Rain City" for a reason!) so timing and a slice of luck are keen on Rainier at any time, and doubly so in winter. Wait for the right weather window, scope the conditions on a day tour, and then go for it!

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