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Dropping into the Northern Bowl

A Trio of Tough Tamokdalen Tours

Ski adventures in Northern Norway don't come much bigger than these 3 trips!

Ski Touring Difficult, Severe

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Dropping into the Northern Bowl
Dropping into the Northern Bowl Photo: Saana Saltevo


The sheer rock walls and intimidatingly steep snow slopes which line the Tamok valley make it feel - at first glance - like a place far too rugged for good ski touring. Peel back the curtain just a little and you'll find a treasure trove of skiing, from relatively mellow options like these - /discover/guidebook/142715 - to big adventures like the ones described in this guidebook.

Written by FATMAP local expert Kyle Miller, these 3 tours are beasts and none of them involve less than 2400 metres of vertical height gain. The longest one - the Tamokdalen to Kilpisjarvi Traverse - is a multi-day trip (unless you want to tackle 82km and nearly 5000m of vertical in one day....) which takes you through Norway, Sweden and Finland over the course of nearly a week.

The other 2 tours here are day tours...just! The route over Nerotinden and Cahcevahnjunni takes in 2 fabulous ski lines and links them together to give a full-on day on all aspects and angles of terrain. The other single day route (the Sjufjellet, Lille Russetinden and Blåbærfjellet Traverse) is even bigger, with over 3000m of ascent and 26km of terrain to cover! Completing a day of that scale requires perfect conditions, supreme fitness and a healthy slice of luck - just like any great ski mission!

The physical challenge of breaking trail in deep snow and the restrictions of short daylight hours mean that these tours are not suitable in deep winter, and should be saved for clear spring days. If the stars align, you're in for 3 of the best ski trips in Northern Europe!

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