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Ride the Rockies: Best Mountain Biking Near Denver

From after-work quickies to multi-day rides in the mountains, Denver has it all for mountain biking.

Mountain Biking Moderate, Difficult, Severe, Extreme

North Table Mountain


Denver is one of America’s greatest cities for mountain biking. Set at the transition of the Rocky Mountains and Great Plains, the landscape offers an incredible diversity of terrain, while open spaces and national forests that surround offer unparalleled access. Beginners can learn on urban trails, doubletrack, and mellow singletrack close to town, or up in the mountains. Expert riders can find everything from gnarly descents to epic endurance rides, and intermediate riders can enjoy the whole spectrum in between.

Even this small sample of trails near Denver should give you an idea of the wide range of riding to be found here. This list of six rides contains after-work fun rides, an IMBA Epic, and the start of a multi-day bikepacking route across the Rockies. Though some of these trails are open to hiking, they are all extremely popular with mountain bikers. A strong community of riders helps keep them maintained for all to enjoy, so you can get out there and ride the mountains of Colorado.

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